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Welcome November.  The beginning of the best holiday season.  I come from a large close-knitted family, we get together just to get together, we celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations, you name it, we do it together.  And this is what brings me to...

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Spaceflight for a New Generation

Growing up it was always a dream to fly into space on one of NASA’s space shuttles.  I always wanted to attend Space Camp but when I finally hit 6th Grade, only 6th Graders could go from our school, the cancelled the feeling.  A feeling many had when the...

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Writing Tips from a Trial Court Staff Attorney

“The English language is an arsenal of weapons. If you are going to brandish them without checking to see whether or not they are loaded, you must expect to have them explode in your face from time to time.” ~ Stephen Fry As a Trial Court Staff Attorney, you can...

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