Legal Aid Society of Osceola

The Legal Aid Society of Osceola County was created by the Osceola County Bar Association and currently helps residents of Osceola get access to these services.


Supports Osceola’s Veterans and their mentors in the Veterans Treatment Center


Helps Osceola residents get access to income based legal assistance for limited family services through community legal services of mid-Florida


Helps distribute informative legal pamphlets in the Osceola County Courthouse

In The News

Osceola Bar Association Provides Free Legal Aid

The Osceola County Bar Association officially opened the Legal Aid Society of Osceola County (LASO) program on Friday.

The program is run by attorneys that are working pro bono (without pay) and will help…  Read More

Osceola County’s Tourism Corridor: A Homeless Perspective From US-192

Osceola County has one of the highest numbers of homeless families in the country, according to a recent report commissioned by county officials. And in an area dominated by the tourism industry, homelessness…  Read More