Technology and the Osceola County Bar Association

Hello everybody,

Recently the Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division gave a shout-out to our Bar Association for swearing in a board that consists of young, government lawyers. You can read the article here.

Using our youth to our advantage, the Osceola County Bar Association is striving to incorporate more technology into our organization. In recent meetings we’ve experimented with having a digital sign-in station to speed along the process of members entering our monthly luncheons. This helped to replace the pen and paper sign-in sheets that used to cause congestion at the meeting entrance.

Next, OCBA is striving to become more social. If you haven’t already liked our Facebook page at go ahead and give us a like! That way you can be up to date on upcoming events such as our new style of events called Brown Bagging with the Bench!

At Brown Bagging with the Bench, Judge Margaret Schreiber and Judge Heather Pinder Rodriguez will discuss “universal truths” and practical skills that are important in the courtroom. They will also touch upon their journey as construction law attorneys prior to taking the bench.

Feeling something more fancy? The Eighth Annual Osceola County Bar Gala will be held at the Kissimmee Bay Country Club on April 27. If you haven’t already gotten a ticket, be sure to purchase one here!

With digital sign-in sheets, increased social presence, and tickets that can be purchased on your phone, the Osceola County Bar Association is striving to work smarter at helping attorneys and their staff in Osceola County and beyond.